Kanban = velocità soddisfazione e divertimento

Ho trovato su Availagility di Karl Scotland un video divertente e istruttivo. Si tratta della preparazione delle buste per la conferenza Agile 2010. Inizialmente l’attività inizia senza una organizzazione particolare, e nasce una grande confusione. Nessuno è contento e molti non sanno nemmeno cosa fare.

Poi tutto viene riorganizzato in una linea a Y, sfruttando le idee nate grazie alla creatività delle persone coinvolte. Da vedere!

Molto interessanti sono state le reflection nate da questa esperienza:

What Worked – Do Again

  • Music
  • 1 person floating around all stations (extra capacity)
  • Y Config
  • Everyone really trying to help
  • Continuity of event planning – better every year – Elastic
  • WIP limits – 4 stacks backlog meant stop & wait
  • 18 people in am / 15 people in pm
  • People taking metrics – live, visible metrics – without warning
  • Paper picking – each one goes under prev
  • Largest on bottom
  • Table splits
  • Breaks
  • Everything organised & stacked with one example on table of each item
  • Handing a stack directly to a person instead of putting on table
  • Continuity & ownership between am/pm – (better)
  • People got to be creative & solve problems
  • Stacking by size
  • Arrange table so no one had to walk
  • Video taping!!!

What Did Not Work – Do Better

  • Tables too short, materials too low
  • Bad sizing on poster
  • Folders came flat, needed to fold
  • Sticker falling out of flyer
  • Bags less than ideal – keeping open – cut hands
  • Started later, slow beginning
  • Still found missing items
  • List still was not accurate, items hard to match
  • Process for matching items to list not efficient
  • Did not have all the bags
  • Table with small things moved too fast
  • Slowing down to obey WIP made it hard to speed up

What To Do Differently – Try

  • Packing on the vendor room – closer to end point
  • Planning on process over email before hand
  • Someone owns planning process early
  • Something to hold bags by handle and open like a rod
  • Big visible labels on boxes – even big colour stickies
  • Do prework on Saturday
  • Insert kanban tokens into inventory so when a signal is found in stack, then supplies can be identified.
  • L’articolo è disponibile all’indirizzo: http://availagility.co.uk/2010/09/07/agile2010-bag-packing-with-kanban/

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