MAME compie 22 anni!

Il 5 febbraio di dodici anni fa l’italiano Nicola Salmoria rilascia la prima versione (la 0.1) del MAME, acronimo di Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, ossia il primo software in grado di emulare varie piattaforme di gioco su Ms-Dos.

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Scopo del programma era quello di preservare la storia dei video giochi delle macchinette (definite coin-op per il fatto che bisogna inserire la moneta per farle funzionare). Salmoria aveva avuto l’idea di unire più emulatori trovati in rete in un unico programma in grado di eseguire più giochi.

Parallelamente a MAME, che funzionava sotto Dos, partì lo sviluppo di MAME32 (ora chiamato MAMEUI), una versione per Windows a 32 bit.Nel 1998 la versione 0.34 raggiunse la quota dei 1000 titoli supportati. Oggi, l’ultima versione stabile di MAME è la 0.129, rilasciata il 4 gennaio 2009, che supportata 3938 titoli, 7480 contando anche i vari cloni. Il progetto ora è coordinato da Aaron Giles.

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Ecco la storia completa del MAME:

MAME Project Timeline
05 Feb MAME 0.1 released (0.1)
18 Feb First version of MacMAME released (0.4)
23 Mar First support for multiple CPUs (0.12)
26 Mar High score saving support added (0.13)
20 Apr First version of X/MAME checked in (0.18)
26 Apr Mirko Buffoni takes over from Nicola as MAME coordinator (0.19)
02 Jun First FM synthesis-based sound chip supported — but only through a hack to use the OPL on a SoundBlaster card under DOS (0.23)
14 Jul First vector games added to MAME (0.26)
18 Jul First release of MAME32 (0.26.1)
10 Aug Nicola returns as MAME coordinator (0.27)
10 Aug MAME switched away from the GPL license (0.27)
07 Sep First 68000 game emulated (Rastan) (0.28)
08 Jan YM2151 supported added (0.30)
25 Apr Atari slapstic first emulated (0.31)
25 Apr Timer system added (0.31)
25 Apr Built-in ZIP file support added (0.31)
03 May Public betas started; previously users would have to wait several months between releases (0.33b1)
16 Aug First appearance of Neo Geo games, which have been the source of much controversy ever since (0.34b1)
30 Aug First DSP core added: the TMS34010 (0.34b2)
04 Oct Began using CRCs to identify ROMs (0.34b4)
15 Feb Internal tilemap code added — previously many drivers did tilemaps their own way (0.35b3)
24 May Switched to PNG from PCX as the main screenshot image format (0.35b13)
08 Aug Konami 052001/053248 CPU first emulated (0.36b2)
26 Feb Removed Pong and gambling game drivers (0.36rc1)
06 Nov First proper 32-bit CPU added (68EC020) (0.37b9)
17 Jan Initial support for discrete sound emulation (0.37b11)
24 May Windows takes over from DOS as the primary development target (0.37b15)
19 Aug First checkins for AdvanceMAME (0.37b16)
24 Aug First release to call out MAMETesters bugs (0.54)
01 May Removed SoundBlaster FM support as software-based emulation finally became better in almost all cases (0.60)
04 Jul Added initial support for artwork external to games (0.61)
06 Apr First dynamic recompiled CPU core added: MIPS3 (0.67)
15 May David Haywood takes over from Nicola as MAME coordinator (0.68)
15 May Added SHA1 hashes in addition to CRCs to reduce hacks and prevent collisions (0.68)
23 May First release to have intermediate ‘u’ updates (0.69)
09 Aug First emulation of the SP0250 speech chip (0.72)
12 Oct Removed the concept of TESTDRIVERS, making all drivers available in all builds (0.75)
11 Nov 3dfx Voodoo emulation added (0.77)
24 Oct Sega FD1094 decryption added (0.88)
24 Nov New debugger added (0.89)
27 Feb Major sound system reorganization around streams (0.93)
07 Apr is born
18 Apr Aaron Giles takes over from David Haywood as MAME coordinator
03 May Changed the license to be based off of the BSD license, with commercial restrictions (0.96)
14 Sep Added back support for some gambling games (0.100)
03 Jun First version of SDLMAME released (0.106u1)
23 Jul New video system comes online, focused on letting the video hardware do compositing (0.107)
20 Aug High score support removed (0.108)
05 Feb CPS2 decryption fully implemented (0.112)

Speriamo ci siano altri 22 anni così.

PS: grazie Nicola!!!

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